Flatland Remember by Álvaro Fernández

Álvaro Fernández captured some great flatland Eurosport TV coverage from 2002-2004. When it was not uncommon to see flatland covered at every contest throughout the contest season! Due to some technical issues, Álvaro had to separate the video into four parts. Part 1: F.I.S.E Palavas 2001 with Alex Jumelin and Martti Kuoppa and F.I.S.E Montpellier 2002 with Yammer. Part 2: X-Games Barcelona 2002 (Antena 3) with mini interview with Viki Gomez, Sergio Layos and Ruben Alcantara. Plus Worlds Cologne 2002, Gemenos ( Soul BMX Video section) “Fall 2002”, and Karlsruhe (Soul Video section) “Fall 2002”. Part 3: King Of Concrete 2003 with Effraim Catlow, James White, and Phil Dolan plus X-Games 2003 Philladelphia L.A. Part 4: The legendary Braun Flatground 2004! Great job Álvaro! This is a great trip down memory lane in this weeks OSS!