Flatland Tricky app – Flatmattersonline 2015 Year End Awards / Readers Choice Innovation of the Year!


On November 13th Quentin Pelorson hit me up with some exciting news for the flatland community:

“As some of you know I work in computer science. A few months ago an open-minded company gave me the opportunity to mix my passion for BMX Flatland and my work. We are building a next-gen How-To tool that I hope will help our sport and its riders. The App will be visible at the Com’in Lyon contest this weekend.”

The Flatland Tricky app was the landslide winner, for the Readers Choice for Innovation of the Year. I’m sure I speak for many for the Readers of FM when I say thanks Quentin and his team for taking the time to help flatland grow and teach the next generation with the help of this app.

Also a major shoutout to the runner up, Brandon Derbowka and his incredible seven no handed whiplashes. I never thought I would ever see that get done, possibly a triple. Flatland is incredible like that, it is already exciting to see what will unfold this year!

Next category up is Brand of the Year!