Quest BMX – Enjoy it Teaser

Enjoy It. – Teaser from Quest BMX on Vimeo.

Quest BMX team edit coming May 6th, 2016. Featuring the entire 2016 extended roster. Mannie Nogueira, Steven Lapsley, Danny Sirkin, Jean-Francois Boulianne, Mark McGrade, Gurvan Le Bloc’h, and Jeremy Brosset. Enjoy It.

Astrolabe 2016 Flat Contest – 6th édition

Etienne Taraud just dropped this nice 9:16 long edit from the 6th edition of the Astrolabe contest featuring the likes of Matthias Dandois, Quentin Pelorson, Alex Jumelin, Kevin Meyer, Kevin Jacob, Dez Maarsen, Joris Bretagnolles, Jeremy Brosset, Fabien Stephan, Gurvan Le Bloc’h and many more. Enjoy!

Zuppermarket Flatland Contest – Highlight Video

Martin over at Global flat did a great job getting out this highlight edit from this weekends Zuppermarket contest in Trier, Germany. Featuring great riding from Alex Jumelin, Viki Gomez, Gilles Van de Sompel, Waldemar Fatkin, Seppl, Dustyn Alt, Gurvan Le Bloc’h, Dan Hennig, David Hoffman and many more. Definitely worth a watch!

Quest BMX Video Contest Results are in!

Quest BMX Video Contest Results are in!
Bienvenue dans l’équipe


When we worked with JF on his new deal and moving on from QuestBMX, we knew he’d be hard to replace. His personality, attitude, and style were integral parts of our team. We knew we wanted to replace him with someone as special; not just on the bike, but off as well. We decided to do a video contest with no real restrictions. To let the riders be themselves. This way we could get a quick, true glimpse of the rider on the bike. It also brought riders to light who may not have been on our radar; which is great. So now we are able to take these riders, each with an amazing web edit, and get to know them alittle better. We wanted the riders and fans to get involved and help us out as well. The fans voted which narrowed our choices down to the Top 5. So out of these 5 we focused on which rider fits the mold we envision.
Ultimately, you want to find the right fit. We think sometimes the best rider isn’t necessarily the best fit with a brand’s image. What the video contest helped us do was open up dialogue with a group of riders we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. In the end we wanted to find the rider who best fits our vision. Who fits as a teammate. Someone who can help promote the brand beyond our reach. We aren’t just looking for a “contest winner”. We are looking for a “torch bearer”. Someone who will be a positive light for QuestBMX in person, at jams, at contests, and behind the scenes on social media and in videos etc. We feel honored and excited to announce that Jeremy Brosset is the next pro rider on the Quest Team! In addition to Jeremy receiving the sponsorship deal we have another announcement!
We were blown away by Gurvan Le Bloc’h. The attitude and energy he showed in his entry was infectious. We are excited to announce that he will be joining the QuestBMX team for 2016 also! We are beyond excited with these additions. We look forward to working with all the great riders on our team in 2016 and beyond.

-Steve Lapsley
Quest rider and team manager


Thank you, to everyone who participated in this contest! We are very pleased with the quality of video entries we received. These riders are world-class professionals. We wish we could offer a sponsorship to them all! The reason we used the voting system to narrow down the top 5 entries was to get a proper gauge via global feedback. We wanted the flatland community to express their opinions and form their own emotional attachments. We watched closely. We paid attention to voting statistics. We even chatted with some of the riders. Ultimately, the fans picked the top 5 before we sat down with our current team and JFB to decide who would be the best fit and couldn’t be happier with our two newest pro riders! Welcome to the team!-
-Dan Sirkin
Quest owner

Quest BMX Video Contest – Top 5 Fans Vote announced!


Danny Sirkin over at Quest BMX just published the top 5 riders from the Quest BMX Sponsor me contest voted by you the fans…

“It is with great excitement that we announce the FINAL top five finalists for the Quest BMX video contest!

In no specific order, they are:

Sakis Doumas
Percy Marshall
Gurvan Le Bloc’h
Jeremy Brosset
Williams Perez

A very sincere “congratulations” to everyone who has been a part of this journey thus far! We will announce the winner of the sponsorship this weekend on Flatmatters!”

Stay tuned! For now,let’s focus on the top 5 the fans voted for: