Interview: Adam Kun – 2013 BMX Worlds Pro Flatland Champion!

Intro/Interview: Effraim.
Photos: Ronny Engelmann.

Two footed Backyard on the pedals, an AK original move.

2013 BMX Worlds Pro Flatland Champion

2010 BMX Masters Pro Flatland Champion

2008 2nd BMX Masters Pro Flatland

2006 3rd BMX Masters Pro Flatland

2005 2nd BMX Masters Pro Flatland

2002 Masterclass BMX Worlds Flatland Champion

Since 2002, looking at the results above, you could say Adam’s achievement of being crowned the 2013 BMX Worlds Champion has been coming. Adam always seems to rise to the occasion at the Koln Jugendpark. I wanted to catch up with Adam to get a lil’ insight into his thoughts on this memorable win.

Firstly, congratulations Adam for your win at the 2013 BMX Worlds. It seems like Koln is always good for you?

Thank you very much. I’m still so stoked!
After being 4th time in the Top3 in Pro and 2002 Master category winning yes we can say that, but sometimes I have a hard time over there like last year when I ended up 32nd. Hahaha…
If I wanna be honest I have to say that I don’t like the floor too much because everything is just two times harder to pull than at my home spot, but seems like I can deal with it time to time! 

I heard you were sick all night before the finals, how did you hold it together for your final run?

Right after the qualification on Friday I started to feel myself weak. Maybe I didnt eat enough and stressed too much. I had a fever so I went back to the hotel. I didnt sleep at all the night before the final and I was not sure at the morning that I can compete in the final. Basically 2 aspirin complex together saved my day! I was sweating as hell even without riding, but I said to myself at least i’m here in the final so I have to try.

Half Cab Whopper.

Tell me about your run, did it go to plan? 

Yes I had a plan. Stay alive and pull some combo both on frontwheel and the backwheel. As I said I felt myself very weak so I had those combos in my mind like a second plan and its work out at the end.

With your win, and David’s win in AM, Hungary cleaned up this weekend, you must be pretty proud of all the riders, you guys always come in a big bus right?

Yes i’m very happy that David could win in AM class. He really deserved it and from now on he has to ride hard as never before! Congrats to him! 
It was an amazing feeling to see how much energy and happiness we gave to all the Hungarian riders, friends, etc. I hope it will motivate everyone over here to ride harder or enjoy BMX. 
Back in the days I was going with the minibus, but in the last years I travel so much and it’s just more comfortable to fly everywhere.

For all those that have never been to the BMX Worlds, what is so great about it?

It’s good because all BMX disciplines is together, so you can see all the crazy tricks from all different form of riding! Many riders coming from all around the world every year, crazy parties etc. If you guys have a chance to go don’t hesitate to go.

Another OG AK move, no handed bar spinning lawn.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

This year I didn’t want to compete as much as I did in the last years. I just feel like I have to compete less now a bit to keep my motivation on and enjoy my riding. Of course I will compete more this year but im not sure which contest I will choose. I have plenty of shows, my tv project is running and im still busy with that which is very great!

Any final words or thanks?
Thanks to my family, girlfriend, friends and of course for my sponsors: Monster Energy, Khebikes, NikeHungary, Velvartbikeshop, Myactioncam.

Thanks to flatmatters for the itw 😉

Keep riding guys!

Cheers Adam!

Watch Adam’s winning ride: