Introducing the IGI Dry Climate Cap


Dub just hit me with some exciting product news that may change the peg game…

“Introducing IGI DRY CLIMATE CAP…IGI is proud to introduce a new idea to Flatland. It seems griptape and knurling just aren’t the ideal for our shoes and hands in a sport where repetition is key to success. Here at IGI, we’ve been looking for a new kind of grip, this technology is pricy and might not be cost effective for now, but this type of finish will outlast any type of knurling or griptape without destroying your hands or shoes. Tested and approved by Benjamin Hudson and Jean William Prévost for use in dryer, dustier climates such as Chile, California or even Beijing. These caps will keep your foot where it should be, mid-pivot when riding a dusty environment. Just keep a pair of these in your toolbox for use when necessary. A few pairs are available, but we are not looking to make sales for now, when it becomes more affordable to make this we will put em up for sale, contact us if you might be interested in them. DM, PM or send us a message at igi #igotit photo by @DominicSalehPictures”.