Carin Hommura wins Womens Class: Chimera A-Side 2022

Congratulations to Carin Hommura winner of the Womens Class at the Chimera A-side contest here in Omiya, Japan! Carin was followed on the podium by Leticia Moda from Brazil and Yui Kiyomune in third.

Great contest and level from all the girls, two runs best run counted!

Ryo Katagiri wins Fise World UCI Flatland World Cup Round 1 in Hiroshima, Japan

Just got done judging the Pro finals at the Fise World UCI Flatland World Cup here in Hiroshima, Japan. Congratulations to Ryo Katagiri who had the run of his life to take the first place position, Ryo was followed by Matthias Dandois and Dominik Nekolny in the third place spot.
You can watch the whole show above, or the top three runs below.
What a contest!

Moto Sasaki qualifies 1st at Fise World in Hiroshima, Japan


It’s been a good day at the Fise World contest here in Hiroshima, Japan. Congratulations to Moto Sasaki who took the top spot going into tomorrows semi finals, followed by Jean William Prevost and Matthias Dandois. Top 16 make the Semis, 38 riders competed today with a really high level of riding going down. Semis tomorrow, and finals Sunday. Stay tuned for livestream updates.

Fise World Contest in Hiroshima, Japan Day 1

Today marked probably the longest trip I have ever been on. After a solid 25 hours door to door travelling time from FM HQ to the Fise World contest in Hiroshima, Japan. London Heathrow to Frankfurt onto to Tokyo then finally Hiroshima, couple in all the changes, going through customs etc, etc. It has been a long day, I met up with Michael Steingraber at Frankfurt who is judging with me in Japan.

The great news is our host hotel is right next to the contest, absolutely banging! I took a quick look over at the site and bumped into Alberto Moya, Varo Hernandez, Dustyn Alt, Moto Sasaki, Taka, and many more. Around 30 riders on the floor getting warmed up, the spot was busy.

After a quick look around it was time for dinner and a look around Hiroshima, we have got a busy weekend ahead, I will try my best to get some updates for you throughout the weekend.(if not definitely after the event). The rider list is stacked, around 40 riders with a quick glance, so it’s going to be a good one!
I am pretty tired from the trip so I will keep this one short and sweet.

Alex Jumelin wins Chimera Games Replacement Contest in Tokyo, Japan

Congratulations to Alex Jumelin who just won the Chimera Games replacement contest in Tokyo, Japan followed on the podium by Viki Gomez and Fumiya Kanna and Jean William Prevost tied for third. Alex won all three of his battles to take the spot with a final battle against Viki Gomez. The event almost didn’t happen because of a big storm arriving in Japan but Trinity Skatepark saved the day and a replacement contest went ahead. Big up everyone involved making this happen despite the weather conditions.

Matthias Dandois wins FiseWorld in Hiroshima, Japan!

Photo: Armand Lenoir.

Matthias Dandois has come out swinging in 2018 and just won his second Fise World contest in two weeks! Congratulations to Matthias who threw down another flawless run in Hiroshima, Japan. Viki Gomez took the second place spot, followed by Alex Jumelin! You can watch the whole finals below, and the top 3 individually.

FiseWorld Pro Finals.
Matthias Dandois
Viki Gomez
Alex Jumelin
Jean William Prevost
Hiroya Morizaki
Takahiro Ikeda
Moto Sasaki
Benjamin Hudson

Top 3 runs.

Flat Games 2017 in Chiba, Japan

Great footage from the recent Flat Games contest in Chiba, Japan featuring so much awesome riding in order from: Ryo Katagiri, Ryosuke Takagi, Nao Yoshida, Yorimitsu Miyata 00:48!!, Naoto Tamaru, Shinichiro Hara, Yasuhiro Uehara, Kazuma Nakajima, look out for the young ripper Takumi Isogai at around the 1:52 and the no handed spinning halfpacker whip halfpacker line at such a young age at 2:17, unreal! Masashi Itani, Keisuke Tanigawa, Naoki Watanabe, and Fumiya Kanna, great edit by Yasushi Kajiwala! Don’t sleep on this, underground japan at its finest, I believe Moto Sasaki organised this event. Thanks to Lee Musselwhite for the heads up on this one!

Takahiro Ito wins C3 Jam in Toyama, Japan!


Congratulations to Takahiro Ito who took the win today at the C3 Jam in Toyama, Japan followed on the podium by Yoshihiro Shinde and Akira Okamura. Congratulations also to Expert Class winner, Tatsuya Hori and Novice Class winner, Yuta Yamaji!

Open Class.
1.Takahiro Ito
2.Yoshihiro Shinde
3.Akira Okamura

Expert Class
1.Tatsuya Hori
2.Takahisa Mitaki
3.Kouta Nakazima

Novice Class
1.Yuta Yamaji
2.Zigen Omotehara
3.Ryo Ishikawa