Jason “Meat Socks” Rideout – Welcome to the Reklamation Bikes Team

Welcome to the Reklamation Bikes Team Jason “Meat Socks” Rideout (Quest BMX Cosponsor) from Reklamation Bikes on Vimeo.

Peep this “Welcome to the Reklamation Bikes team” edit with Jason Rideout! Here’s what TM Jake Umberger had to say: ” “An edit welcoming Jason “Meat Socks” Rideout to the Reklamation Bikes Team and the Quest BMX cosponsor team. Reklamation Bikes Sponsored Expert (Quest BMX Cosponsor) Jason “Meat Socks” Rideout.
Jason rode flat for a bit in the ’80s then took up flatland again after a bad ankle brake from park riding in 2008. When “Meat Socks” isn’t on his bike, he can be found roaming the mountains of Colorado lookin for the elusive Sasquatch. Jason is a strange character, but so much fun to ride with. Welcome to the team!”