Jean-Michel Chauvel – Lunchtime fun time

Lunch time fun time 2018 from Chauvel Jean-Michel on Vimeo.

Jean Michel Chauvel is what I like to call a flatland lifer, and gives a lot back to the sport. Now its time for jean to share his own riding and description of the last six months of his riding.

“After 35 years of riding I did a basic edit of my last 6 month of flatland. Last june during a professional meeting I discovered a very nice spot 3 minutes from the office, so each day the weather is ok I can ride for 1 hour at lunch time. Each session I try to do something new or in a different way: then “Lunch time fun time” was born.
Also I Will catch 48 this month, it’s also a kind of birth celebration. I have no hard trick but with this video I want to show that it’s possible to have your own riding and furthermore age is not a pbm if you have enought motivation. This edit is raw without music and done 100% with my phone.”