FU 10 by Lachlan Cameron

All about Toronto today! Great edit right here from Lachlan Cameron, Lachlan captured some of the best pro jam circle highlights from the likes of Dub, Alex Jumelin, Jason Plourde, Jean Francois Boulianne, Tyler Gilliard, Bo Wade, Steve Bergeron, Percy Marshall, Takuji Kasahara and Brandon Derbowka!

Must Watch! Jean William Prevost aka Dub – VooDoo Prejam 2013

Jean William Prevost -Dub- | VooDoo Prejam 2013 from robpossible on Vimeo.

This is my favourite edit Robert Porter has done from the Voodoo jam yet. Dub absolutely murders the back wheel in this one! The quad turbine pedal jumpyard pedal pivot to time machine on pedal at around 1:44 is so good! Big up Dub for this and Robert for his work ethic putting all these edits together for us all to enjoy. We are being spoilt right now!