Jean William Prevost wins AFA Round 1 in Florida!


Jean William Prevost stomped his way to first place at Round 1 of the AFA 2016 series, followed on the podium by Dax Wolford who threw down a flawless second run, with Lee Musselwhite taking the third place podium, congratulations to all!


In Am, Florida resident, Mitchell Hall took the win followed by Chris Babin and Brant Hughes. In the Novice class, Todd Shoemaker took home the win followed by Dave Broccolo.

Full results below, thanks to Joe Cicman for the quick update today!

1- Jean William Prevost
2- Dax Wolford
3- Lee Musselwhite
4- Tyler Gilliard
5- Scott Weaver
6- James McGraw
7- Will Redd
8- Art Thomason
9- Bryan Huffman
10- Isaiah Jordan
11- Nikola Olic
12- Joe Cicman

1- Mitchell Hall
2- Chris Babin
3- Brent Hughes
4- Marty Clark
5- Michael Shao
6- Andrew Sheltraw
7- Gabor Csikos
8- Jeremy Jones
9- Tim Koehle


1- Dave Nourie
2- Bill Nitschke
3- Rob Nolli
4- Brian Hough
5- Lester Butler

1- Todd Shoemaker
2- Dave Broccolo