Jean William Prevost wins AFA Round 2 in Florida

Photo: Autumn Brown.

Congratulations to Jean William Prevost who won the Round 2 stop of the 2017 AFA Series in Florida yesterday followed on the podium by Tyler Gilliard and Art Thomason. If you followed the livestream on Facebook, you will seen the weather conditions. Props to everyone involved making the event happen. Full results below, congratulations to all the winners, Chris Babin in Expert, Kip Williamson in Olds Cool, and John Killip in the Beginner class.

Jean William Prevost
Tyler Gilliard
Art Thomason
Will Redd
James McGraw
Dax Wolford
Bill Nitschke
Nikola Olic
Dave Nourie

Chris Babin
Mitchell Hall
Michael Shao
Jim Hycon Park
Teak Gabriel
Mark Carlisi
Tie- Duffy McDuffie
Julio Cotto

Olds Cool.
Kip Williamson
Bob Walter
Rob Nolli
Carlos Toledo
Gary Knecht
John Ustaszewski
Pedro Antonio
Clint Majors

John Killip
Mason Krug
Todd Shoemaker.