Joel Schallhorn – 28 tricks for my 28th birthday

Joel describes this latest birthday edit with a lil twist:

“It’s that time of year again. A time to reflect on the past year and move forward with the next. To celebrate my birthday this year I did both by doing 28 tricks for my 28th birthday, all tricks I have learned in the past year being 27. This was no easy task since some of these tricks I haven’t done in 6 months plus, and having to recall many like that is quite a challenge, but a good one. I like doing this, it really tested and validates my progression over a year to force myself to recall tricks. and Every year t I didn’t make a list of tricks I wanted to hit, I just went out and thought of them as I went, so there are a few tricks I learned this year that I missed and but should’ve made it in, but I thought of them after I was done. Oh well.
I highly suggest you riders do this. Can you learn as many tricks as you are old in one year?”