Must Watch – Akira Okamura / JYU BMX

It’s that time of year where banging edits are few and far between, no one wants to let the cat out the bag too early. Akira Okamura chimes to his own beat, and boy did this edit hit me hard from the get go.

Laced to a flowing Libro track, Akira hits us with a whole bunch of new moves and that signature style we all love. From the opening line at 00:04 hopping rocket style to xft backwards peg wheelie cranked into inside switch-b he had my attention, no long drawn out intro straight to the point.

The two footed dump truck jump two footed ice cream at 00:36 is a perfect switch that I don’t recall seeing like that, execution top notch! I’m glued to this wondering what is up next, and then BOOM a couple of lines later!

My favourite of the edit, 180 backwards two footed bunny hop body twist with a quick x-up one hand to gliding junkyard at 1:16, absolutely beautiful! Let’s discuss the rest on the site there is so much detail to take in, what’s your favourite line? In a week where politics in BMX threatens to split us apart, this is a welcome edit! Thank you Akira! Wow!