Must Watch – Dane Beardsley / This and that

From the opening xft 180 bunny hop jump back to regular stance backwards manual across the Newport Beach riding spot I was glued to this one from Dane Beardsley. A rider I feel like is totally overlooked by the flatland scene, and a rider with a lot of depth in his riding. As always with “Must Watch” videos I like to highlight what stood out for me with some detail about what is going on also.

00:27: Bars backwards whiplash to forward karl/one handed karl in circles kick one handed backwards half hiker backwards karl freak squeak scuff whiplash to hitch whiplash out! Absolutely amazing, and I really like how Dane mixed some old tricks and made them new, such as the freak squeak, and having down a lot of one handed karl lines I know how difficult that one handed karl in circles to one handed karl backwards hitch is….

00:51: Half boomerang step same foot xft backwards fork wheelie to x-ft backwards hitch x-ft backwards half hiker fork wheelie shove it switch handed forkwhewlie to double backwards crackpacker walk around back jump forwards karl out to pedals. No one does this stuff, refreshing!

1:47: Multiple backwards x-handed whiplashes to regular backwards whiplashes, unreal bike control right here!

2:10: And the ender, half lash to multiple forward rope opposite side walk around to two footed backyard dropped down to opposite half lash out!

I get the real sense that Dane is literally playing on his bike, I have always been a fan of the quirky ride-ins and ride in’s he does, and the fact it really does look like he’s having fun. (no pun intended!). Top stuff!