New Product: Odyssey Freecoaster

The Merged just featured a spy shot of the new Odyssey freecoaster:

“GSport (Odyssey’s sister brand) were playing around with multiple freecoaster designs for what seemed like forever, but sadly they could never get a design that worked perfectly and could be made for a sensible price. After being teased with this photo late last year, here is the new freecoaster design that Odyssey have been working on. Those with an attention for detail will notice that quite obviously on first appearances this hub looks like standard KHE style hub that everyone is using right now, but despite the lack of information we have right now I’d be very surprised if this was anything but “stock” inside. After playing with loads of ways to do a lighter almost cassette type freecoaster, maybe Odyssey have realized that hey should go down the route of improving upon the design the started all of those years ago with the Reloader hub, but doing some work on improving the bearing setup much like Cult have tried to do with their Match freecoaster.”