Old School Sundays with Dave Mirra

Yesterday marked one year since Dave Mirra sadly passed away. It seemed only right to dedicate this weeks OSS to the man who gave us all so many memorable moments throughout the course of his career, that helped change the game forever. Hit play and watch Mark Eaton’s Dorkin’ 10 compilation:

Thank you Dave for everything.

RIP Dave Mirra 1974-2016.

Old School Sundays with Dave Mirra

I’m sure it will come as no surprise to you that this weeks OSS is dedicated to Dave Mirra who sadly passed away on February 4th 2016. Since a young age it was obvious to everyone that Dave was destined to be one of the greatest ever to grace a BMX bike. Watch this winning ride Dave threw down in 14 Expert at the 1988 AFA Masters in Wayne, New Jersey. So much control and natural ability.

Forever in our hearts, rest in peace Dave.