Old School Sundays with Kevin Jones

This week we go back to 1987, and pivotal moment in the history of flatland. Kevin Jones and his AFA Masters run in 19 & Over Expert from Austin, Texas dropping the puppet, the crank-a-roni, elephant glide and gliding locomotive in his run , not to mention the way the run is linked together. Game changer!

Old School Sundays with Kevin Jones, Gerry Smith and John Huddleston

The last Old School Sundays of the year, let’s make it a good one! Great footage from the BMX archives by khelagger, featuring a Skyway Show with Kevin Jones and some Austin Texas 1988 footage of Gerry Smith and John Huddleston. At 30 minutes long I realise new school heads won’t watch this, although I will say you will learn a thing or two if you do…