Testing the Profile Free-coaster Cassette with Tyler Gilliard

Testing the Profile Free-coaster Cassette with Tyler Gilliard. from Profile Racing on Vimeo.

This is the one many are waiting for!! The Profile freecoaster cassette hub is getting ready to drop, check out Tyler testing the hub at Profile HQ!

Product: Profile Freecoaster

Here’s the word from Kurt over at BMX Union who’s at Interbike working hard to keep us all updated with what’s new for 2014!

“Alright, so here’s what I know… Profile is working on a freecoaster. They are just getting into testing and they are a ways out from its release. They can’t share what’s inside just yet, but I can tell you the internals are based off a cassette hub which is really interesting. This hub looks super promising and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more in the future! We will keep you posted.”