The 2015 Flatmattersonline Year End Award Nominees Announced!

Flatmatters2015 600X400

It is about that time with great pleasure that I announce the nominees for the 3rd annual Flatmattersonline Year End Awards! Thank you to everyone that took the time to vote this year.

Congratulations to everyone who has been nominated, again like I say every year it seems, what an amazing year 2015 was for Flatland!

The Flatmatters 2015 Year End award winners will be announced Sunday January 10th, along with a surprise award just to spice things up!


Nominees are:

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Quest BMX brings out your Inner Guru!

Text: Dan Sirkin

Quest BMX is a new company focused on flatland based in Solon, Ohio. With great attention to detail and the highly specific needs of the demanding flatlander, these pegs are sure turn you into the guru you always dreamed you could be. Our primary products, at this time, are the GuruStix and MetaGuruStix flatland pegs. Using an all original design with references from our original Bikeworx pegs from 1996, these are targeted at two specific types of riders.

Bikeworx Chubby peg from 1996 – the original smooth-tip flatland peg

The GuruStix flatland pegs are the smaller of the two sizes. At 36.5mm (1.4375”), these are just a bit smaller than the common 1.5” size currently available from most companies. A smaller peg means more control, which is gained by bringing the rider closer to the axle. Perfect for the advanced or pro rider.
MetaGuruStix are our larger pegs at 41mm (1.625”). These are larger than the 1.5” size but smaller than the bulk of the mid-school 2” pegs that we all used to run. These are great for the rider who gets achy feet from 1.5” pegs.
Both pegs have been carefully designed from decades of experience and global rider input. No need for fancy millings, lines, or holes here. The end result is a durable, lightweight peg that is grippy on the feet yet easy on the hands. Carefully internally relieved design eliminates excess material where needed and reinforced tip keeps them from crushing or mushrooming. The smooth inner edge keeps shoes from wearing out prematurely and smooth outside edge is just enough to make pivots effortless while not sacrificing valuable surface knurling.
These are proudly made in the USA using American aluminum for the highest quality possible.
Quest BMX GuruStix and MetaGuruStix pegs are proudly ridden by some of the raddest dudes on the planet, including Joe Cicman, Prasheel Gopal, Mark Kuhlmann, Alex Poirier, Danny Sirkin, Steve Lapsley, and Shaun Lapsley.