The Jean William Prevost Podcast


Here in the UK, we have this saying “Every Dog has his day”, well…Jean William Prevost had a whole year and deservedly won a lot of contests, awards (Nora Cup, FM) but his achievements go beyond that with his work for inside the flatland industry with Far East and IGI. This year at Bike Days I caught up with the man to talk about how his year unfolded, we discuss everything from winter training, winning contests, motivation, helping bring on other riders, video parts, Flatland in the Olympics and while lot. Years of hard work to get to this level. You definitely want to grab a cuppa or whatever you do. Get the headphones and enjoy this Jean William Prevost podcast!

00:34: Winter training, escaping the Canadian winter, hitting the contest season running?

1:54: What does the Toronto contest in March mean to Dub?

4:11: Friendly rivalry with Dominik Nekolny, being motivated after getting second?

4:34: Winning Fise Montpelier, motivation after winning?

6:11: Helping Far east cycles grow.

8:10: Having responsibility as a pro rider and bringing on otter riders such as Joris Bretagnolles?

9:08: The igi brand.

10:19: After winning Fise Montpelier, then going to Ninja spin and winning. Prepartion right before the contest, contest rituals before runs.

12:28: No one riding like Dub, where did your inspiration come from?

13:54 From one of the best runs of the year at Ninja spin, to dropping another contender for run of the year at BMX Cologne. How do you focus for finals after pulling such an amazing run in qualifying?

15:05: Do you have a set amount of turbines you do in a contest in your lines cause it seems like you could do however many you want?

15:56: Variety in a contest is not only a front and back wheel thing?

16:22: If you could talk directly to a judge, and you had three most important factors to consider in making a result what would they be?

18:17: Practising on perfect looking marble floors then going to wooden floors, how does that translate for you?

20:17: Which point in the year did you think I can win the overall FiseWorld championship title?

22:10: Who’s going to remember you in 100 years?

22:33: How much of contest riding is preparation and how much is mindset?

23:29: 3 minute run or battle format?

25:13: One minute runs, two tries.

26:34: The energy you out into runs seems higher than everyone else out there, how long did it take for you to get to the point where your throwing down flawless runs?

28:48: Winning Flatark, pulling out a new forklift variation to take the win?

31:42: From Flatark to BITR? Battling Austin Luberda?

33:45: Who’s the hardest rider for you to battle?

33:57? Making it?

35:13: Despite winning last year still the underdog?

36:24: Is flatland ready to be in the Olympics?

36:56: Granite marble at contests as a standard?

38:35: Real City Spin?

40:27: The nickname Dub?

41:10: How much training goes into contest riding on a regular day?

42:33: The recent Puro Flat video project?

45:23: Focus for this year?

47:28: Representing Canada, so many flatland greats coming from your country?

49:00: How long are you at home out of the year?

49:56: Advice for up and coming riders?

51:04: Outro.