Throwback Thursdays with Dan Rigby

It’s always amazing to go back through the archives of Flatmattersonline and look at previous articles, interviews and edits and whilst I was searching for a good Throwback for this week. I came across a Dan Rigby Interview I did back in February 2009, with a edit that still stands up today, I said it back in 2009, Dan Rigby was so underrated. I’m lucky enough to have been competing in the X Trials/X Games era and saw a lot of what Dan could do in the contest arena and practise, but this edit is next level and it was filmed in 2003!

Go watch this now and look out for the last dump truck full body varial to death truck, that I think still to this day is one of the best back wheel tricks ever done. Let’s discuss this in the comments section.

Link to his interview below: