Lookback: November 2015 – The Flatmattersonline 2015 Year end awards

These lookback features have definitely been fun to put together during the past fortnight or so, and already we are on November today! Looking back it seems September through till December were the biggest months of the year! Let’s go back through the highlights from last month…

Martti Kuoppa celebrates his 37th birthday on November 1st, and does it in style with another NBD move. If you are counting, that’s the third “Must watch” of the week, and a new door opened with the possibilities when he learnt this walking man stem lash (I think we can all see whats coming!)! The man is on a roll and its beautiful to see this kind of progression in our sport.

John Yull got inspired by Martti Kuoppa’s walking man stem lashes the other day and applied MK’s technique of switching feet on the stem to the foot jam decade.

Dub over at igi just published this dope line from Benjamin Hudson, filmed during a practise session at Flatark. Style and flow for days!

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Lookback: May 2015 – The Flatmattersonline 2015 Year end awards

Looking back, May was a crazy month in the year, check through my highlights from the month….

Sean Fontenot’s riding always has me on the edge of my seat, check this latest short edit where he states “I’ve always been good at G-turns, but bad with nose manuals. I’ve decided to correct that.” Shot with Konova K7 Slider (aside from last shot) Sean’s riding is so explosive, amazing stuff at the Globe spot in Long Beach, California!

Flatland legend, Trevor Meyer kills this Chiacgo parking lot between shows on the front and back wheel. This is well worth a watch!

At the age of 43, Todd Carter has made the move up to the Pro ranks and is arguably riding better than ever. Check out this great edit he just put together to celebrate, it’s going down for real!

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Throwback Thursdays – Props #3 / BS Kansas, 94′ York PA Jam, Paul Osicka’s Interview

For this weeks Throwback, we go back 21 years to 1994! And Props Issue 3, Claybom24 made this great mix of the flatland footage in that issue. Amazing footage from the BS contest in Kansas, Paul Osicka Interview, and 94′ York Jam that is sadly remembered for Edgar Plascencia and Richard Zabzdyr being involved in a serious car crash on the way home to California from York, PA, Richard lost his life. RIP, Richard Zabzdyr.

Top 5’s with Trevor Meyer!

Intro: Effraim
Photo credit:Billy Gawrych.

Many good memories riding and competing against contest machine Trevor Meyer back in the X Trials/X Games era, and of course TM is still out there killing it at the age of 41! One of the biggest bag of tricks I have ever seen to this day, the man is highly skilled and of course very talented. Trevor is on a busy schedule out in Portland doing flatland shows right now, so kept this short and sweet!

Riders of all time: Everyone has something to contribute to flatland.

Riders to ride with:Tom Haugen, Billy Gawrych, John Parker, Robert Castillo, Dale Kirvelay, Will Wolffe.

Spots to ride: My culdasac and whatever city I’m in.

Contest runs you’ve had: 7x continues years in the Hoffman Bicycle stunt series.

Web edits: Trevor Meyer Vimeo.com or You tube.

Places to visit:?


Contests:no longer compete, demos only. Proud of 3x X-Game golds.

Websites/blogs: Trevor Meyer Facebook.

Inspirations right now: New trick combos.

Reasons to leave your town/city: No riders.

Playlist: Changes daily!

Albums: None.

Tricks to do daily: variety of front and back wheel combos.

Tricks you cant do, but wish you could (ideal wishlist): cross footed nose wheelie and many more.

Magazines:Bmx Plus!

Movies: none.

Bike Brands: Odyssey, Tree, Orbea, Sickchild, All city Star.

Non bike brands: iD clothing.

Things that piss you off: Don’t ask I’m trying to stay positive!

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2001 Philly Pa X Games Flashback Part 2

Such a shame these 2001 X Games edits don’t have volume, but so much good riding from contest and practise session featuring the likes of Art Thomason, Trevor Meyer, Phil Dolan, Viki Gomez, Martti Kuoppa, Stephan Cerra, Chad Degroot, Scott Powell, Matt Wilhelm, Takashi Ito, York Uno, Mike S, Dan Rigby, myself, and Alex Jumelin.

Must Watch! Trickstars 2!

TrickStars2 from Trick Stars videos on Vimeo.

Another amazing video from the OG Marton archives. Trickstars 2! Pretty much all filmed in 1999, as well as that the year this video came out! Featuring the riding of OG Marton, Chad Degroot, Trevor Meyer, Jason Brown, Steve Mulder, yours truly, Day Smith, Andrew Faris, Phil Dolan, Alex Jumelin, Ulrich Kittel, Martti Kuoppa, Harold Schmidt, Pal Gyenes, Robert Voller, and many others.