Winners of Battle in the Rockies announced!

The results are in! I can honestly say this was one of the toughest contests I have ever judged! Big respect to all of you that threw down in the one minute format and gave us all so much motivation, and us the judges a headache!
Myself and James McGraw went back and forward and after much deliberation rather than fly two riders out, we are flying three!

Jean William Prevost
Thomas Noyer
Cory Fester

This was without a doubt one of the best contests I have seen, congratulations to Dub, Thomas Noyer, and Cory Fester! We will see you in Colorado Springs in November!

1- Jean William Prevost
2=Thomas Noyer / Cory Fester

4-Dez Maarsen
5-Lee Musselwhite
6-James White
7-Moto Sasaki
8-Shintaro Misawa
9-Hiroya Morzaki
10-Tsutomu Kitayama
11-Alexis Desolneux
12-Simon O’Brien
13-Sebastian Grubinger
14- Laszlo Tivador
15- Akihiro Takahashi
16-Mateus Beckmann
17- Viki Gomez