Takahiro Ito – Yamagata

Takahiro Ito is name we do not hear enough of on the site, I was pleasantly surprised to hear from Takahiro this morning with his new “Yamagata” edit. Feel the flow on that first line, what a great start to the week on FM! Is everyone stoked to ride today??

4 thoughts on “Takahiro Ito – Yamagata

  1. His cross inside tea kettle flip / turbine , to cross steam spin , @ 47 and a quarter seconds is REALLY cool ! RAD styles for miles …..kinda reminds me of Yuki Itoth…..and thats a GREAT thing . I love his style of combos , also ……….dope edit !!!

    • Wow indeed hermano dope edit from Ito… Went under my radar for sure. Last link crazy… What a stylecat. How many Itos are killikng it out there? Big family it seems… Hahaha!

  2. Youre preaching to the choir , Giannis , haha ! His spinning steam , butter slip -one legged Taz spin ….bar flipped to crack packer ….to IMMEDIATE boomerang BACK to crack packer is BONKERS WILD , starting @ 2.32 MINUTES ! Hope he drops a new edit soon . I ll be on the look out . LOADS of Itos killing it in BMX Flatland , haha….right ? Must be a common last name like Johnson , Wallace , Martinez , Smith ,etc ,etc …been checking some older K.O.G. footage lately and the riding could fit right in to todays riding………and its from 2002 , 2004 , 2006 ……even 2000 . Bet THIS guy has ripped it up on his bike in some of those contests , hermano !

    • Takashi Ito springs to my mind from the 2000 World’s killing it on his yellow Ares with so much style and originality… Check Colin Smiths edit to witness his magic links cabrone! Time to watch this edit right here one more time… Brilliant!

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