7 thoughts on “Takato Moriya – Fise Chengdu Run

  1. He’s got what’s a bit of another routine, throwing his bike at the end of his run lol. It sort of can make you envious, but in a good way. Great talent.

  2. Interesting one, the throwing the bike after your run is like a statement thing now, someone commented about that putting pressure on the judges and also makes me think, if the riders doesn’t throw the bike. Is that the rider saying thats a bad run? Are we reading too much into it, probably but it is good to talk about as a nine year old is now doing it. If it doesn’t hurt anyone, its not a bad thing, is it real though?

  3. When I first saw riders either throwing their bikes, or some lifting it above them, it seemed like watching some musicians, who lift their guitar at the end of a song. It could be a statement from certain riders, but I ain’t losing sleep over it , haha!

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