Takuya Higa wins KOG Round 1 2013!

Who stayed up or got up early to watch the KOG livestream in Nagoya, Japan? Congratulations to Takuya Higa who took the win, followed by Tsutomu Kitayama and Shinde! Quite the weekend for Tsutomu who also won the expert class before moving back up to Pro!

1- Takuya Higa
2- Tsutomu Kitayama
3- Yoshihiro Shinde

1- Tsutomu Kitayama
2- Junpei Goto
3-Yoshinori Ai

1st Takumi Isogai
2nd Masaru Okawa
3rd Hideyuki Shinmyo

5 thoughts on “Takuya Higa wins KOG Round 1 2013!

    • @Mateus – I think KOG rules state if you finish out of the top 15 or 20 then you have to re-qualify. Helps keep the pro’s on their toes….

    • I think they have always done it like that. I recall Akira Okamura being the professional world champion, and having to qualify to be pro at KOG a year later or something.

  1. wow! the Japanese guys takes flatland very seriously. no wonder why there are many hard hitters on there place.

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