Ten Years of Flatmattersonline – Ask me a question?

This time next week marks 10 years of Flatmattersonline as a website, I am planning on a whole bunch of exclusive content for next week and one of the ideas that literally just came to me was to flip the script for a change.
So it’s your turn.. the readers of Flatmattersline to ask me a question and I will pick the best ones an answer them next week here on the site. Get your thinking hats on and fire away in the comments section.

28 thoughts on “Ten Years of Flatmattersonline – Ask me a question?

  1. Do you see yourself keeping the site going for another 10 years? I’m sure I’m not the only one that hopes Flatmatters is here to stay as a reliable source of all forms of flatland media. Thank you and props for doing all this stuff. Cheers.

  2. Would you be up to post community driven content? I’d like to see something (idea I’ve had for a while) based on the US pros much like the Grounded – What happened to freestyle (flatland) article in the magazines years ago that discusses the current state of US based flatland.

  3. While it’s kind of a ridiculous question to ask, it’s not really because I know we’d all love to hear what this man has to say in response. We already know the answer- but here’s the question anyway so everyone can hear it.

    Q: Effraim, what possesses you each and every day to deliver the most unstoppable delivery of content and in turn community, that the flatland world has ever seen? What inner rewards do you reap from this? Can you maybe share an experience that highlights your determination to provide us this content and community, through which the flatland world can see a glimpse of?

  4. I’ve been reading and listening to a number of your interviews Effraim, albeit only a short time. But, I can say you seem to have great insight into the human brain. I really like reading what’s on your site, so much thanks.

  5. 10 years, so so rad!! Respect!

    What are the (5 ?) biggest achievements obtained with the website?
    How many time do you spend for the site? and how many emails received
    What is the hardest thing and the easiest thing to do for you?
    Can you pick 10 articles you enjoyed the most?
    Do you get enough money from it to have it profitable?
    What are the greatest lessons and benefits you got after these 10 years?

  6. Hi E-Frame- Congrats on A decade worth of Decades + much more…

    Q : Is ‘Flatground’ a valuable term to describe bmx-flat only tricks.. when ‘Flatland’ has long been the established genre? Can ‘Flatground’ term surpass ‘Flatland’ in general, or remain as another type of discipline….or is it just a streetriders-trend..(for moves only done on Flat)
    (Or am I reading into it all too much 😉


  7. I’m reall into music, so,what kind of music motivates you or that you might ride to ?Specifically so I can check it out too✌thanks so much for your work here is it is huge deal to us so thanks man

  8. With the bizarre resurgence of belief in a Flat Earth, despite all of the scientific advances we’ve made in our understanding of this round world – are you alarmed at the similarly misguided attempt to stunt (pun intended) the growth of flatland by returning to the outdated notion of *kicking the tire with your foot* to produce motion, as opposed to the scientifically and artistically superior form of rolling and pumping?

    There are literal scuff gangs now – they are frighteningly rabid, and cannot be reasoned with. I fear for our future.

      • I would like to ask
        Who are your favorite riders and why.
        if you could design your own frame, can you think of any features you would like to see that would make it unique.
        what do you most enjoy about doing the website/
        thanks and keep up the good work.

  9. 1. Ive followed your riding since Fall 1993 , mate !! You have aHUGE tricktionarys on BOTH wheels . Seriously ,to have so much unlimited skill on a bike …….How / what does that feel like mentally ? Must feel euphoric / surreal at best . Why no SOLO DVD , like Simon , Viki , Martti ?! Maybe in the future ? I HOPE SO , campeon !!! 2. What trick , combo for you was the hardest to learn AND dial in , and why ?! 3. What was your personal favorite era of your career , riding / combo wise and why ?! 4. What was your most memorable contest victory / what links helped you seal the deal for the win ? 5. How in the hell have you kept up , progressed , kept up with the times riding wise during EVERY era of flatland ? With ENDLESS tricks , variations , concepts , techniques coming out……….EVERY f-kn week it seems……….You’ve ALWAYS kept up with the times while CREATING / INNOVATING as well ………Doing this while running a busy skate park at that !!! There was a skate park owner here in San Antonio , Gary Osbourn R.I.P. , a bmx legend . I saw on a daily basis just how much work it took to keep THAT kind of business afloat on the daily ……..ENDLESS WORK-TIMES 7 , but you’ve kept your riding game on point AT THE SAME TIME , HOW , Effraim , HOW ??!! 6. Which / who was a rider who you’ve had the best comp battle with when the battle formats took over flatland comps ?! How did you get in INSTANT battle mode mentally ?! 7. With ALL that you’ve CREATED on a bike………Why were YOU not in any M.O.C. comps , were you immediately requested to judge because of your high caliber of skill like Martti ?! 8. Which was your favorite X-GAMES comp that you’ve rode in ? Just WHAT is / was riding in the X-GAMES like ? I know Terrys legs were literally SHAKING rolling a hiker in his prelim run , according to Art Thomason ! I heard you REALLY had to have nerves of steel !!!!

  10. 9. What are your personal favorite tricks combos today ?! 10 . Which bmx team was your favorite team to be a part of in your career / why ?! 11. HOW , Big- E , HOW did /do you CONTINUE the WORK / GRIND of doing FLATMATTERS on the daily ??!! Its HAAAARD for me just to keep up with my simple F.B. page with work and all . Sometimes I just don’t have time to keep up with it………….Youre literally covering bmx flatland ……..on a GLOBAL SCALE / 24-7 -365 , HOW , with running South Sea skate park / running your bmx school / work shop………AND PROGRESSING your RIDING on the daily ??!! Which Level Vibes event was your favorite ??!! 12. What is your proudest video part ,and why ? 13. Which 7 riders are you MOST stoked on these days to watch ride ?! 13. How many sessions did you do on the daily to acquire such a vast tricktionary , and just HOW did you dial so many tricks /combos quickly to be CONTEST ready ? Throughout the years of following your riding I noticed edits of you with NEW tricks / combos………..Then shortly after you busting these same NEW tricks /combos ……IN COMPETITION , like for instance @ Jomo Pro 2010 , X-GAMES 2000 , Lake Havasu Arizona -X-Trials 2000 , A.F.L. round 2 , Atlanta 2000 , etc , etc !!! 14 . Who is your favorite session partner , back then / now ??! 15 . How were YOU not in the C.O.B. in 2002 , 2004 , 2007 , 2012 ??!! 16 . Errrrrr……..Got that RONIN video footage anywhere around , Big -E ??!!!! 17. Have you ever thought about setting up a second bike just to do , revamp , revisit ALL the endless tricks , variations , links , techniques that you’ve done , just for fun ??!! 18 . AGAIN ……Just HOW does it FEEL to know that you can step out for a riding session and literally be riding for 17 hours straight going through an ENDLESS tricktionary ??!! Ever feel tempted / curious to do this ??!! I think if I had THAT kind of tricktionary like you , Kevin , Chase , Viki , Martti , O.G. Marton , Giannis , Brown R.I.P. , Trevor , bruuuuuuuuuuv ………Id be like in another world mentally , like a TOTAL mental high 24-7 , like buy a private warehouse , a good boom box , and just go through tricks , combos ALL day , complete solitude , hahahaha . Ive always marveled over THAT kind of unlimited skill on a bike ! Put it to you like this , Effraim ………….I can do like 7 variations of a E-squeak , ONLY 7 , and that can occupy my time / mind when Im on OR off my bike ………I cant imagine having a tricktionary , on BOTH wheels with ENDLESS variations ALSO !! Whew ……..that would be too much to handle mentally ,hahahaha, buuuuuuut in a GOOD way ! CONGRTAS / SALUD on FLATMATTERS , its the NUMBER 1 reason WHY I KEEP internet access to THIS day , campeon !! The ENTIRE worldwide bmx flatland family CANNOT thank , repay you enough for ALLLLLLLLLL of the SELFLESS work , dedication , effort that you’ve done with this site , I for one will ALWAYS be humbled , grateful for THIS site , Big -E !! THIS site inspires , motivates , gets me sezzzzzziiied , happy , ammmmped ,etc ,etc !! Your work here is PRICELESS , and SHOULD be celebrated 7 TIMES OVER , cheers Effraim !

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