TerraDome Edit 2014

Joe Cicman just dropped the 2014 TerraDome edit featuring Phil Brunet, Scott Nagy, Dave Schaefer, Kevin Bickle, James McGraw, and Joe Cicman… with Colin & Camden Carter. This is a great watch, so much progression from Phil Brunet in the last year, and look out for Joe’s 5 rebates on the Jaffa whips, incredible! Like the QuestBMX edit that recently dropped, great to see the ams pushing it!

7 thoughts on “TerraDome Edit 2014

  1. This edit is very nice showing all the local riders. Phil was a treat to see ride. Joe’s edit was drowning in WATER though.

    • I didn’t notice the james mcgraw photo and text on the first watch, love the style and personality that comes through from this edit! Really stoked on Phil’s riding in this!

  2. Haha! I have never laughed harder at an edit than this one! So fun to watch for so many different reasons. The tag lines were hilarious and the music was just so unique. Liked seeing the riding from everyone too. Once again, great edit y’all and sick riding!!!

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