Terry Adams – 7th Place BMX Cologne 2018

So great to see Terry Adams back on the big stage where he belongs, as James White said ” The best smile in the game”. Terry took home the seventh place spot with his own unique tricks and style, Terry always manages to light the crowd like nobody else and really draw the spectator in.

2 thoughts on “Terry Adams – 7th Place BMX Cologne 2018

  1. It was once said to me that Terry always does the same thing. I wasn’t upset hearing that, but how many people have we truly seen do what he does. Then there’s the things he does for flat, demos, was/is riding at universities to help give flat more exposure. When I heard him talk on his video, you can just tell this man lives for flat. And he’s lived his dream of being a full time rider. How many people in the world get to do what they love for a living??

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