Terry Adams – Best flatland video ever!

Aaron Ross has been in Hammond for over a week filming for a new joint part with Terry, during this time they shot this clip, take a look….

16 thoughts on “Terry Adams – Best flatland video ever!

  1. If not mistaken that’s the new Straight Tube Waltz and with 19 tt, according to Terry Adams. Also his signature flatware 2 piece bars

  2. Dear whoever i’m a fagott hahaha yeah well i never knew that thanks for telling me ,lovely to know discrimination is alive and well haha

  3. Dear whoever again well if me and Terry are gay (which is really not a crime by the way) we better tell our female partners haha ,god this like speaking to a child hahaha

  4. The title is a bit misleading but I guess conquering Youtube ratings will be good and maybe will get Simon to make another video…

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