5 thoughts on “Terry Adams Hobby Lobby

  1. Ha! Man I’m just the opposite I need total quiet when I ride.
    Terry, can you dig up and UPS your concrete slab to me? Just E-mail me the freight charges. 😉

  2. ha ha smooth transaction. I definitely enjoy the social session every now and then, but to keep focus i need few distractions. I usually keep the phone in the car and ride in a dirty parking garage (which honestly is occasionally visited by some fairly hot professional womens).

  3. nice to see, and this is no joke but people ask me the same three questions! haha and it’s interesting to see that how far you want to go does not matter, because you end up most of the time where you started, i like the social interaction, to also please others while doing my most fun thing!

    Get off Vimeo and hit YOUTUBE! 😛

  4. Only flatlanders can be sentimentally attached to a parking lot; if my wife knew how much I’m attached to mine she would be jealous. Nice job Terry.

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