9 thoughts on “Terry Adams – New Combo

  1. This is so incredible. All of Terry’s contest stuff should be just like this. Forget long links, forget pumping around, just BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. Nothing but short bangers. Like what Steve Mulder do and George Manos do. If you’re loaded with that many bangers, why bother with the transitional tricks and pumping and whatnot?

  2. Please note that my previous comment was made from the vantage point of a fan and not as someone who is in any way qualified to give Terry Adams advice about riding 🙂

  3. Did mulder ever win a contest ? I remember back in 03 seeing mulder premiering super rope and pulling all his contest stuff. All the whoppers 360 flips which he had dialed but nobody was doing whoppers back then he got like 20th place or something like that. Short bang stuff is awesome to watch but it doesn’t work so well in contests. You have a massive handicap in a jam format vs long link of easier stuff style

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