15 thoughts on “Terry Adams wins Best Trick at JomoPro 2012

    • Best trick is always difficult, because its always more than likely a combo of sorts. Which of course is not a “trick”. Haven’t seen the rest of the footage so can’t comment.

  1. probably did the same and linked

    the first part is pretty hard by itself

    the second just smashes all doubts

    terry – always the heavyweight champ

  2. hiro would pull peg – peg whopper

    george manos backface nosey

    moto that pumping pedal karl

    or takaki fukuda next lvl ish

    adam w/ a monster whip

    martti with anything…

    this was definitely an ace up the sleeve. with everyone else beat from their runs, terry was still able to pull it. so props to that popeye. eat yer spinach!

    here’s one – someone do a fakie pedal to pedal rollaid *adam* =D

  3. While his front tire did touch down it seems like that is more acceptable these days. If it was for a video edit I’m sure he would want to reshoot it, but for the sake of a contest against the clock I can see why Terry would be stoked even with the slight tire dab. Pretty f–ing rad.

    What did Wilhelm pull for only the second time ever???

    Can’t wait for more footage from the comp.

    • Not sure Brian on the Wilhelm comment, I read that on his facebook too. Curious what it was! matt?? Or anyone that was at the contest, care to share what that was?

  4. 2 tires down, both feet on the pedals? Looks like, 1 trick done 2 times. I may still have beef w/ odyssey ever since my slant stem broke back in 87, so label me a HATER!

    Best Trick will be “jam style” giving each rider several turns within an allotted time. There will be live voting for immediate ranking of the top trick throughout the jam. This jam will possibly broken into heats depending on the number of riders.

  6. Well all I’m saying is if that trick one, Martti would have had a hard job trying to decide what to do because he’s got so many bangers that could smash that…

    So come on. Where’s the footage? Where’s the hammers at???

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m excited to see this shit. I’m only stirring the pot. If the riders are happy it’s all good!!!

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