7 thoughts on “Texas Flatland Round Up 5

  1. Each Texas Flatland Round Up has been hosted By Chris Balles. I have always been his right hand man during the planning and execution of the event. This is the same location for the next Texas Flatland Round Up 6 on October 9, 2010. Thanks for posting this. I just put it up last night!

  2. Nice Rad dad, props to you and chris for making this happen, event sounds awesome!!! Didn't to be honest know about this, do riders visit from out of town for this, or texas state riders only?

  3. This is awesome , incredible riding by all Weathersby was sick,Thommason had that mad combo at the end and Will Redd with that super controlled 1 footed cliffhanger in tight circles , watching this again Rad Dad you are spoiling us ,ride on bro 🙂

  4. we've had a lot of out of state visitors at Roundup in the past like: Justin Miller, Matt Wilhelm, Terry Adams, Scott O'Brien and the rest of the Southrider crew and more. always been a fun event!

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    There is a link to Round Up 2 when it was in the Skating Rink. We had many heavy hitters show up to this one. Terry, Matt and Justin along with many many other great riders from other areas.

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