TGM Maz- I hate double decades!

This is whats its all about, the chase for a new trick! Double decades are tough, Mario is getting as close as it gets, party at TGM when he pulls this! Loved this edit!

3 thoughts on “TGM Maz- I hate double decades!

  1. Ditch the fire hydrant and do it from a simple endo. This creates less variables from catching the fire hydrant and you jump more consistantly each time. Once you get it dialed fire hydrant doubles will be easier. Trust me your close…

  2. I always did it from hydrant too i didnt like the endo way but most find the endo works better for them. You got the trick already, youre doing nothing wrong. Just keep doing exactly what you’re doing and you will get it SOON. Have fun trying to dial this one. This trick is definately hardcore, good to see somebody still has brakes nowadays (i dont) Id love to put brakes back on and try for triple but im too lazy

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