6 thoughts on “TGM sessions #8 April/May 2010

  1. Great vid Maz great riding guys great soundtrack and Yinka you da man progressing fast great stuff hang 5's looking good,cool to see defo one for the future. 🙂

  2. yeah Mario, nice work, looks like everybody is ready to boost out in the jam!!!!
    nice to see Yinka progress !!

    take me to the mile!!!!!!
    i will try to make it again guys!!!

  3. Cheers guys, glad you liked vid, just a little taster for the jam, gonna be rad weather permitting.
    Hope all you guys can make it, be cool to roll with you all!!
    Yinka seems to learn something new every time he goes to the Mile. He's gonna be sick!!!
    Howie, Mizo hope to see ya.

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