The 2018 Flatmattersonline Year End Award Winners are…..

It’s that time, thanks once again to everyone who voted in the 2018 Flatmattersonline Year awards and a massive congratulations to the winners and everyone who got nominated. In my opinion, if you get nominated you already won. But, as always there has to be a winner. Let’s get into this, first up the editorial votes then the reader choice. Medals will be sent out once I return from my trip to the One Love Jam, so I will be in contact with the winners over the next week or so.

Editorial Vote:

Rider of the Year:
Winner: Jean William Prevost
Runner Up: Matthias Dandois

Edit of the Year:
Winner: Jean William Prevost – Puro Flat #2 Spring
Runner Up: James White – Stop the World

Most Progressive Rider:
Winner: Jean William Prevost
Runner Up: Sietse Van Berkel

Outstanding Contribution:
Giannis Caternellis completing his 100th episode of his freestyler series. What an amazing contribution to flatland not only in 2018, but the last couple of years hunting this amazing achievement down. Thank you Giannis.

Line of The Year:
Winner: Jean William Prevost – 3:52 End Rodeo Line from Puro Flat 2 Spring.
Runner Up: Sietse van Berkel – Final Round Entry from Master of Creativity 2018.

Reader Choice:

Rider of the Year:

Winner: Jean William Prevost
Runner Up: Sietse van Berkel

Edit of the Year:

Winner: Jean William Prevost – Puro Flat 2 Spring
Runner Up: Denes Katona – Rolling Stone

Most Progressive Rider:
Winner: Jean William Prevost
Runner Up: Sietse Van Berkel.

Contest Run of Year:
Winner: Dominik Nekolny BMX Cologne Finals
Runner Up: Jean William Prevost Fise Chengdu Finals

Breakthrough Rider of the Year:
Winner: Sietse van Berkel
Runner Up: Julian Baron

17 thoughts on “The 2018 Flatmattersonline Year End Award Winners are…..

  1. Effraim i am a little drunk right now because i was out with a friend and drinking Greek tsipouro!!!I just red the nominees awards and i want to say a couple of things…its been 4 years now since i started the Freestyler series from November 2014…I ride flatland for almost 30 years and it is the first time that someone recongises my riding abilities …and this is you Big E!!! I won more flatland contests here in Greece than any other Greek flatlander ever and i mean ever in the history of bmx in Greece…but noone ever said a good thing about me even when i was original…I was always the black sheep and everyone was calling me copycat of Chase and Martti because i was doing blenders even if i learned it before watching MK…its so hard and painfull to speak the truth in flatland because noone will understand someone who cares only about progression and new tricks…but you Effraim you are brave enough to give respect to a Greek gypsy flatland freestyler like me!!!Thank you a million Effraim for that Outstanding Contribution Award and God bless Flatmatters for you might never saw me otherwise…..

    • I would rather watch you,Nick Watts and Scott Powell over anything I have seen in flatland in the past 15 years.You guys rule. You guys utilize the entire bike as well as different techniques . Thank you!!!!!!

      • Thank you Adam,you represent flatland the best way with your riding and your attitude…along with Effraim you push me forward to continue learning and sharing…Of course Nick Watts deserves a lot of credits for coming back and blow our minds!……GOD im still hangover…..!!!!!!!?!?

      • You know, I wasn’t going to say anything but…I even reached out to you on Instagram to resolve some issues we apparently have. Not on my end. But to say some dumbass shit like that’s what you would like to see over the last 15 years of flatland? Like that’s it. Flatland is done because your heroes did it the way it should be done in your eyes? Bold statements get bold reactions Adam. What the fuck do you know about what is appropriate flatland? Go build a wall Adam. Fucking bullshit.

    • Congratulations Giannis you kind of answered why you won the award in a way in your drunken post. Flatland is a lonely path to take and realistically we are all dark sheep in some way, and your 100 episodes is an amazing achievement that I feel I lived the natural progression with you. There were episodes where you sent it over, and I would reply to you, Hey Giannis I have already posted it. The reason why, I was already searching for it.
      Nick Watts is a personal favourite of mine for sure, the future is exciting. I read somewhere recently he quit for 15 years. His come back is amazing, and love to see what the future holds with him. So natural, its hard to please everyone with the awards. This year was obviously dominated by Dub, the man is on a roll and deserves everything that comes to him. It was interesting year how people voted, lot different than previous years. Congratulations once again Giannis I will be in touch.

      • I never believed when i started to post those edits that folks around the world would be inspired by me in any ways..guys from America,Canada,Brazil,Australia,Asia,all around Europe…dedicated flatlanders like Nick Watts,Brett Downs,Brandon Fenton,Rodney Williams,Lachlan,Tristan,Adam Guild,Jason Kale,Lindsey L akea,Scott Hagnas and lot of others are riders who gave me positive feedback and the hope that i am doing something right!!!And you Big E are the maestro in all that!!So this Outstanding Contribution Award I dedicated it to all the readers of Flatmatters and those who spred love and positivity back to me…

      • You are welcome Sean!And if you recieved motivation watching my videos then…….mission accomplished!!!You give me motivation back knowing that these videos push you further in your personal progress..Thank you for that compliment!

  2. I’m not drunk Giannis and I’m not sure if you’re referring to me? If so, you’re welcome. When I did drink I couldn’t handle bars, as Robert Peterson once joked. However, some say things look better if you’re drunk. That’s not a negative towards your riding either.

    • No Tristan i was referring about me definitely!! I was do dizzy last night when i scrolled down the awards results and i saw ‘Giannis’ somewhere in between!haha you should look my face how surprized i was!!And i got instant really emotional…..

      • .When i say Tristan i mean you Tristan Carver yes!!You always have something good to say about these things i do on my bicycle and i salute you sir!!And yes sometimes things look better when someone is drunk as they say…

  3. Ti Kanis Giannis ? Ok, I’m happy for you that you got voted for in the awards, congrats. I think there was a time a ‘tabletop’ jump was called a ‘flattie’.

    • Kala eimai Tristan esy??That means ‘I am fine Tristan how about you?’Haha nice to read Greek from you Tristan!!You should listen to Nathan Penonzek speaking Greek!He could talk quite well along with Jesse Puente!!!

  4. I’m good thanks. Oh really, they can speak Greek. I only know the swear words that the Greek kids taught me back at school lol, but thanks for teaching me more. I know Jesse was in Australia years ago;& I heard Nathan was out here sometime to.

  5. I wish someday to visit Australia!!A lot of Great flatlanders grow the sport down under…including one of the best in the world and my personal favourite Simon Obrien!!!Nick Watts is on my list also…

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