The Bill Nitschke Space Brothers Podcast

The Space Brothers Podcast is one of my favourite things to check online currently, today we have a treat from one of the biggest characters in BMX…. Bill Nitschke! Kip Williamson and Chip Riggs kill this episode and the description is perfect so let’s run with this…

“The Whopper, also known as the bunnyhop tailwhip, is one of the coolest BMX tricks ever invented, and it’s hard to believe it’s been around for almost 30 years. The first time Bill Nitschke pulled it off in 1990 in a Burger King parking lot in Greenwood Indiana, he had no idea of the long term impact that trick would make on the sport of BMX.

We sat down with Bill at the Master Blaster Planet Studios and talked about his first idol, some of the guys he grew up riding with, becoming an all-around rider, his first BMX components company Pulse Products, riding for Haro, the time he helped start a bike company called Standard, creating Indy Industries, his stint on the GT summer tour, his 22 double decades video project, performing school shows for his company Wonder Wheels, traveling to BMX events around the country, and was he the first person to do a tailwhip on dirt over a set of doubles? So get comfortable, crank up your speakers, and get to know one of the most important riders in mid school BMX history, it’s Bill Nitschke… JA!!!!!”

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