24 thoughts on “The downfall of flatland parody

  1. Is it supposed to be funny?…
    Instead of talkin about Masters10 you should talk about Rebel 11. That was lame! or Deep contest…its just so bad when non-pro riders judgeing pro. Now that is funny!!!:)

  2. hey mate, give me a break and get yourself together brother and stop the nonsence will you? this ain’t jihad or stupid nazi shit it’s just a stupid vid / the leadership is complaining mate ! per example (Flatmatters) Goebbels the flat propaganda pionner ! you can be Franco sort of speak and perhaps CHASE the Ayatollah hahaha

    • @scott “the leadership is complaining mate ! per example (Flatmatters)”

      all jokes aside…

      I merely made the comment “we are banging our heads against a brickwall”. And what I mean by that, is not a damn thing has changed, same shit different day, Viki mentioned the glory days, there was bitching then! Before I wrote that comment, riders at the contest were complaining on facebook about the judging, we have a private forum called “the future of pro flatland” that some of you will know about, some not, on there I made the point, don’t fire up on facebook right after the contest if you do not agree with a decision, hence my comment.
      I feel I have contributed enough positivity to this sport and continue to do so, rather than post a video with no viewpoint at all. I put down my honest opinion. That I presume is one of the reasons people come and check out flatmatters. For the record, Jomopro looked like it kicked ass this year! Great to see Dom and Ucchie really step things up, that to me is inspiring. Perhaps I am an easy target here because of FM. Who knows?
      Sometimes I feel the pro riders need to look at themselves, if you rode bad, you rode bad, leave the ego at home, and don’t blame the judging. As I said on the forum, make your complaint privately, not all over facebook and indeed on here. That would squash a lot of this.

  3. hey Viki, did you like i set you as the woman 😉
    apart from Hitler and Viki no one else was characterized merely mentioned , such as effraim, alex etc

  4. I remember the forums a couple years ago blowing up about the Jomo judging when Ucchie didn’t win. Now it blows up when he does. LOL.

    Yes, I DO understand there is much more to the story than that, but I just had to mention it because of the irony.

    This video cracks me up everytime I see it redone. There was a street rider one that had Van Homan as the savior at the end. Go look it up.

  5. cheers scott! I understand everyone cares, its a very subjective sport/artform, hope you got the email. And we can move forward from this crap, and keep evolving.

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