3 thoughts on “The Flat Life with Matt Wilhelm

  1. “I don’t even consider myself a pro rider because I can’t make a living from being a pro. I consider myself more of an entertainer / motivational speaker because that is how I make my living. If I just had to rely on the traditional Pro BMX model of making a living I would be living on the street right now. Flatland is in such a weird place currently, and I just can’t tell if it’s growing or shrinking.”

    Thats crazy Matt doesn’t regard himself as a professional rider, I hear what he is saying. But if he’s not a professional what in the hell are the rest of the flatlanders on this globe! He is one of the few guys I do regard as a professional!

    We are all asking where the new blood of riders will come from, thats great that Americans Got Talent has helped make people aware of what flatland is, it seems programmes such as AGT and in the UK Concrete Circus have helped a lot with the profile in flatland.

    Thought provoking interview, good stuff Bobby and Matt!

  2. very interesting read one of the few guys who make a living of flatland Matt rules,i always get the impression from others that he is not respected enough ,like he does’nt fit the mold or current trend of bike set up or tricks etc ,man the guys incredible i always refer to him as a kind of jedi spinmaster like magic great rider ,great person and role model ,certainly up there in the trick department top man 🙂

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