The Flatmatters Year End Awards 2014 / The Must Watch edits of August!

Phew, we already at August as I go through the Year end highlights to celebrate the 2nd annual Flatmatters Year end awards, have you voted yet? If not take look through what happened in August 2014 the deadline closes for entries January 4th.

Congratulations to Yohei Uchino who last night won the 10th Voodoo Jam, followed by Viki Gomez and Dub. The livestream broadcast Bobby Carter set up was dialled! Mickey Gaidos dropped an amazing edit on October 31st celebrating the Voodoo Jam highlights, watch it above!

Loved everything about this new edit Ucchie put together with Red Bull Japan. The pain and struggle of flatland that we all go through on a daily basis, the edit really kicks in at 2:57! Enjoy this treat from Ucchie!

Nice angle on the best trick contest in this raw footage video from the best trick contest at the Voodoo jam. Look out for Tsutomu Kitayama’s crazy mega spin jump to steam around the 17:02. Actually worth watching the whole thing to feel the vibe and see the riders going for it!

This is just beautiful flatland riding, constant progression from Shintaro this year, and not only that! He is making them look effortless in true Shintaro fashion. This speaks volumes of the mans skill level, back to watch this one again!

Whenever Waldemar drops an edit you stop what you are doing to watch, hit play to watch Mr Fatkin & Ivan Makushev tear Koblenz apart, hitting the rewind right now! This is dope!

One day after the contest was announced, Shintaro drops this amazing combo and sets the bar super high for the rest of the competitors for the BITR Video contest!

One combo from Dom, and boy this is a beast! There are various points where I thought Dom was off the bike, but like the machine Dom is. He just keeps going, and this combo just gets more and more crazy! Make sure you give this one a watch!

Earlier today we broke the news, Quentin Pelorson is now riding for Ares Bykes! Check out his first “D.I.Y. edit #01″ right here, filmed on his holidays in the picturesque French mountains. Enjoy!

Style for miles in this new “Deco BMX” edit from Tsutomu Kitayama, this footage was originally intended for the Baco video. Enjoy the flow! Thanks to Chad, Chan G, Hiroshi, and Chris Rye for sharing this treat!

So many intricate switches in this brand new “free #10″ from Shintaro Misawa, I got to hit the rewind to understand what just happened!! Do not miss the amazing progression of Shintaro!!!

Flatmatters Awards 2014 – hit the link below.

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