The Flatmatters Year End Awards 2014 / The Must Watch edits of December!

Phew thats a wrap, I am done going through the year! And what an amazing year 2014 was for flatland. The deadline closes for voting tonight at 5pm GMT. I should be done tabulating all the votes for around 9-10pm, stay tuned for the nominees tonight! For now here is the month of December!

We are proud to say Flatmatters Online is 6 years Strong! To celebrate Simon O’Brien kindly let us drop his amazing new Colony 2014 edit, as he starts work on his next DVD part with Stewart Munro! Share this absolute treat, and let the world know, Simon is back absolutely killing it, look out for that ender!! Who’s excited about Colony’s new flatland line for 2015 after watching this??!!!

It really does not look like winter down in New Orleans, make sure you don’t miss this new edit out of Alex Jumelin who drops a couple of new things I haven’t seen before. On the first watch, the backwards flail to peg to peg boomerang at 00:52, and the cross foot nose manual jump to regular nose manual 2:55 stood out the most, these two combos had me hitting the rewind, and theres a lot more. One of the great things about flatland, you might take something different out of the edit than me, if so, what stood out for you?

Check out this new Peg-grab-backward-spinning-crackpacker on the pedal by Devise Clothing rider Hisato Yamashiro. Hell yes!!!

What a great year it has been for Giannis Caternellis, and it continues right here with this nice Freestyler #5 edit! This guy is definitely not afraid to try something different which is great to see, give this one a watch and you will see what I mean!

Few ride with the enthusiasm of James McGraw, and why not it has been a great year for him. It doesn’t get much better than travelling the world doing what you love. The no handed inside two footed switch-b around the 6:03 mark is amazing, hell yes McGraw! Keep an eye out for Mr Raditude in 2015!

Check out this nice compilation of footage collected from a years worth of smakller edits from the creative mind of Lee Musselwhite! Look forward to seeing what Lee comes up with for 2015!

Sit down with your morning cuppa and make sure you don’t miss this fantastic retrospective through 20 years of Hiroya Morizaki riding BMX and more specifically flatland of course. That goes through his years on Quamen/Dig-it, then onto Ares Bykes! Hiroya is a beast, so much good stuff in this! Thanks Taichi Kunieda for this! Hopefully Hiroya Morizaki is around for another 20 years!

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