The Flatmattersonline Pete Brandt Interview Teaser!

Have you ever met your childhood hero? Last month, I got to hang out and ride with Pete Brandt for the first time for an extensive period of time, since I have known him. When I received the news that Pete was organising a Go Fund page to get me out to San Francisco and the One Love jam. To be honest, I didn’t really know whether to scream, or shed a tear, what I can tell you for sure is I was very hyped and super excited to get out there. I can remember talking to myself and saying, “right this is it! It’s time to get the interview I always really wanted on the website.”

I had the time of my life, riding and hanging out with Pete everyday during my trip to California. After approx two weeks of editing, plus going over footage, and general tweaks that come with putting something like this out (I have never worked on a video for so long, hence why FM updates have been a little slow…). The full interview will drop this Friday, today to whet your appetite here is a little teaser.

Words cannot express how hyped I am to drop this interview on Friday, Pete is a true architect of Flatland, and a man that deserves the utmost respect from all of us!

Stay tuned!

12 thoughts on “The Flatmattersonline Pete Brandt Interview Teaser!

  1. I so remember how badass he was in realtv and that go bio and i think i used a oicture of him doing a junkyard for a 7th grade art project.

    • Then your going to love this interview Morgann, im pretty sure I recall the photo you are talking about, from the Make a wish contest in Virginia, gliding junkyard…

      • Scuffing i believe. Full hammer knee shin pads.

        Also that battle between him and front wheel chiquet is still one of the best.

  2. THIS is RIPPING / SEEEEZZIIIED , Effraim ! Having met / hang out with Pete , also film busting combos on my flip phone , haha , yes …….FLIP phone , also really getting to see him session , like hardcore session @ the rodeo here in San Antonio ,back in 2017 …….I can honestly say his attitude , demeanor about flatland , and of course his RIDING ……Damn bruv , as everyone has seen……..that cat just ATTACKS his bike the whole time he sessions ! In between shows Pete DIDNT eat , rest , walk around / take in the sights , chill ….nothing…….JUST RIDE NON- STOP as if he were @ the clock tower spot , haha . Like FULL ON session right up until the last second to perform another show for Robert Castillos BMX freestyle team . Like you , Big- E , Ive looked up to him since 1988 also . Was rad to finally meet , hang out with him ……..a true pioneer , INDEED ! He didn’t even get irritated at ALLLLLLLLL the trick / combo requests I asked him to do…….ALL DAY , haha. He would just say ,cool man………….then SLAAAAAAMM them , one by one !

  3. Yo! Is it Friday yet??? This is some rad news to peep in the morning after movin a shit ton of snow. I feel good just knowing this is going to happen. Can’t wait. Thanks in advance E!

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