10 thoughts on “The Junglerider Flatmatters E-frame is built!

  1. Looks fantastic E! If I didn’t have a custom FBM pretty similar to this recently built this would without a doubt be my first choice.

  2. Looks great. I saw a Ground Tactics frame today in a shop in Osaka! It looked like it was a dark green. They also had a couple of Holiday frames. Jungle Rider representing in Japan!

  3. Congratulations Effraim for accomplishing something that few riders in the world have accomplished. Your sincere love for the sport is now a tangible manifestation…well done indeed!

  4. Looks great man. The gusset is a nice touch. The only thing I’m a little unsure of is the bracket instead of a tube between the seat stays. Has that area been holding up fine on the other Jungle Rider frames?

    • Hey brandon, thanks for your question, yes that bracket has been holding up fine so far on the other junglerider frames, its no anything new I might add, Fly bikes have used a similar bracket. We will see how the testing period goes and make any alterations that are needed.

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