The JungleRider Flatmatters E-Frame is here!

What can I say? Everyone dreams of having there own signature frame. I can’t even tell you how long ago I put this dream to the back of my mind.
When you get the opportunity from one of your heroes, what kind of frame design would I do?
After much brainstorming, and looking at the good and bad points of some of my favorite frames.
I broke it down to a simple question, “What kind of frame would I like to buy?”
There were a few things I knew very quickly, I wanted a 19.5 TT, a low top tube, a small gusset on the front end, Big daddy esque style, essentially a very simple frame, elegant lines.

Of course the name of the frame is an obvious one, the decision for graphics wasn’t so easy, I didn’t want the frame to have an “E-frame” sticker as that would be like saying what frame is that? The E-frame “frame”. It doesn’t have to be said, people will see the “E” and make that connection. The flatmatters part of course was much easier.
So…I wanted an “E” somewhere on the frame, when I saw Martti’s Holiday frame, it made sense to have the “E” in the same place, and have some subtle familiarity between the frames.
After previously riding the Zion Focus for two years, I knew that wanted the TT a lil bit longer for me, the back end was perfect, so I took the same length on the back end to my frame, with 19.5 TT on the front.
I will of course put the frame through a testing period, before it goes into production!
I hope you like the “E” frame!

Material: CR-MO 4130
Heat treatment: Headtube, BB and Dropout
– TT length : 19.55″
– CS length : 12.75″
– HT angle : 74.5 degrees
– ST angle : 70 degrees
– BB Height : 11.7″
– 14mm laser cut dropouts (Sample frame only)
– Bottom bracket type: Spanish
– Integrated headset
– Integrated chain tensioner
– Removable gyro tab, cable guide, brake mount.

Weight: 4.1 lbs.

Frame Colours: Blue and Black.

18 thoughts on “The JungleRider Flatmatters E-Frame is here!

  1. Sick! Digging those stickers, no doubt. Looks really good,E. Visually and spec wise.. it makes me want to buy it. Can’t wait to see it built up.

  2. That frame looks dope, E! It might be my next frame. I used to ride WTP Div and the only thing I disliked about the frame was that the top tube was way too high for me but I loved 19.3 TT.

  3. Lovely looking geo , gotta ask though wtf is that thing on the top tube? looks like a skin head gollywog , not very PC

    • Thank you for all the comments, can’t wait to ride it! Be setting it up tommorow, day off work! The flatmatters graphics are done by a graffiti artist friend of mine called Farfk, he uses a lot of stencil artwork, the face is not a gollywog (?!), its just a smiley happy dude that he uses in his work! I guess people interpret stuff differently, I didn’t even see that at all!

  4. ho yhea !! what a nice frame with the best spec possible !!
    im getting one of those for shure!!! cant wait….
    mad props for you E-frame

  5. Cool frame is 14mm dropouts standard ? only ask because most frames are 10mm nowadays,love the overall design etc looks awesome and guys Golloywog is racist please c’mon no need for that language , Ondrej the DIV is also in 18.5 i ride one if the top tube is too high i have a step ladder haha.

  6. Congrats Effraim that looks well nice! I like the gusset makes it stand out from every other frame that’s out. Built in chain tentioners should be standard on all bikes I put them on my custom homeless in 95 an miss them on my Bike now. Are you just sticking with 19.5 ?

  7. loving the gusset and the ‘E’ bridge, nice details, looking good !!
    too bad for me , 19.5 is a bit long for my small body ;( i could easily buy this if it had been a little shorter, like 19 ?

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