The K!

Mostly show footage here of the master Kevin Jones in full effect, some nice switches, enjoy!!!

MVST Flat with Kevin Jones from Cj Capozzoli on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “The K!

  1. wow….!!!!!!!!!!!!! – after all these years, impressive!! the wizard himself again playing his magic….. thanks for posting it BigE

  2. Awesome the K in effect, any idea when this was E ? what show was that ? looked like a Dividual frame think Scott Powell designed them not sure on the show tho .great riding love that double footed backwards no hand death truck it's not often we see Kevin in shows this is a real treat.

  3. Im not sure what year this is filmed howard, or where, I will try and found out, id suggest its filmed within last 2-3 years…The frame is dividual…

  4. The K was riding a Dividual Polecat in 2002 and in the video you see a Dividual Cold Embrace. The Strowler came out in 2007 and before that he was back riding his old Big Daddy, so I guess this footage is some where from 2003~2005.

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