The LAND Game : BMX FLATLAND MATCH OFF at the Vancouver JAM 2018

LAND Game from IGI BMX on Vimeo.

Ever played a game of BIKE and struggled to get the game truly flowing, because every rider does different tricks. This might well be the answer, I watched this one the whole way through and really enjoyed this. Dub explains this one, get your buddies together and have some fun!

“Basically tired of the BIKE game and went looking for a solution for something better adapted to the multitudes of styles involved in BMX Flatland. The name is “The LANDing GAME”
1 – We each take turns doing tricks
2 – The goal is to LAND a trick, if you don’t land you get a letter.
3 – You get only one try to land and 2 tries on your last letter.
4 – You can’t repeat or do one trick the same way if it’s already been done for the duration of the game.
5 – Though you can do more whiplashes or whips than have been done previously in the game.
6 – Any trick is accepted no matter the level of cheesiness or how easy it is.
7 – When the number of letters agreed upon at the beginning of the game you are OUT!
8 – Use LAND if you are many and LANDING if only a few riders.
9 – Last man standing wins!

I might have forgotten a rule or two, just agree with your buddies as to how to run your game based on these guidelines! ENJOY!!!!”

Filmed by Jospeph Marshall
Edited by JW
Riders in order of appearance : Cory Fester, Jean William Prevost, Hidenori Ishizaki, Billy Gordon, Damien, Percy Marshall, Troy
Location : Vancouver Jam 2018

5 thoughts on “The LAND Game : BMX FLATLAND MATCH OFF at the Vancouver JAM 2018

  1. Nice work all! Really enjoyed that. Make sure you watch till the end to see a wild showdown between Percy and Dub!!

    • Yeah thats the point it goes from getting rid of all easy tricks and brings out stuff you don’t see so often from riders! its so much fun, lets play in toronto in March!

  2. Percy, or anyone, please describe how to keep the momentum with back wheel turbines and front wheel steamrollers. I get 4-5 back wheel turbines, pretty much due to initial momentum, and then that’s it. Front wheel I can’t keep momentum at all. This is my Mount Everest. I’ve now documented and shared now help me progress..ugggh.

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