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A few months ago, Matti Hemmings was diagnosed with a ruptured disc in his back. A career threatening injury, I caught up with Matti to discuss the injury, his lifestyle, recovery, what he’s learnt from the incident, going private with operation and a whole lot more! This is a little more indepth than the usual podcast, so you definitely don’t want to miss this!

00:53: Diagnosed with ruptured disc in back.

3:26: When did you start to think you had an issue with your back, as back injuries (pain) is quite common amongst flatlanders especially tall riders.

5:54: Deciding to go with private health care to get operation?

7:29: Was it quite stressful announcing the injury, dealing with sponsors and pulling out of shows?

8:50: Has the injury to your back made you question your lifestyle?

10:57: How long ago did you have the operation?

12:17: is it hard mentally being able to walk and to look physically fine to ride wth your bike just sitting there?

13:24: What is your recovery time?

14:07: What is Matti Hemmings doing to stay active during this injury down time?

15:03: Who are you sponsored by?

17:30: How much of your day is taken up with social media?

18:24: Mixing with celebrities like Pixie Lott and Peter Andre?

19:31: Where do you normally ride at when your injury free?

21:02: Besides BMX, I noticed you have a surfboard. Surfing? Tell us about it…

22:16: UK Flatland Championships in July?

27:13: You touched on the UK scene, and the struggle for new riders. Whats your feeling on that as a contest organiser?

30:19: Meeting Matti when he was 14 at NASS, big gap in his riding without competing. When did you start competing again?

32:26: What are your plans for the rest of the year?

33:24: What role has Matthew Dyer aka Denny played in your career?

35:18: Signature peg with Armour Bikes?

40:46: Moving back to contests. What’s your opinion on the UCI now being involved with a move towards being an Olympic Sport?

46:08: We’ve had private judging sessions where we have judged riders, how has doing that changed your approach to riding contests?

50:25: Thank you’s Matti to wrap this up?

4 thoughts on “The Matti Hemmings Flatmattersonline Podcast

  1. Awesome interview. As I was listening I was putting on my new mad ti pegs and all the sudden you guys mentioned the differences lol gonna go session and see how they feel. Nice job Effraim and thanks for keepin flatmatters going and Matti I hope you a speedy recovery. Ride on!!

    • Thanks Pete! Both are great pegs, I would say the new ones are by nature a more refined peg and classy. As we discussed during the podcast. How you getting on with them? Using extenders?

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