The Flatmatters Year End Awards 2014 / The Must Watch edits of November!

Deadline day today for the 2nd annual Year end awards, today we go through the best videos of November and December! First things first, check out what went down in the month of November!

“It’s great to do fancy edit with crazy cameras and after effect but sometimes it definitely affects the riding quality. Matthias went back to the basic with this new edit: One tripod, One iPhone and 3 months to film the hardest tricks he can do on a BMX bike. As simple as that.”
Check this latest edit from Matthias Dandois for La Cremerie Bmx, great to see him back riding and starting to create new tricks on his bike, from the 4:00 minute especially stood out for me as Matthias pushes new tricks front and back wheel, and the last two bangers from 4:48 – no handed spinning halfpacker whip to crackpacker and backwards spinning framestand tomahawk to pendulum halfpacker! Stop what you are doing and enjoy this one!

FVM #09 dropped this amazing edit from the Flatark 2014 contest featuring all the best action from prelims and finals! FVM made a great contribution to flatland this year!

Yesterday for a lil’ bit of fun, James and Reklamation Bikes threw down $200 for a quick 1 minute contest with all the riders in attendance. The rider list was pretty heavy to say the least, James McGraw, Dez Maarsen, Dub, Jason Plourde, Thomas Noyer, Benjamin Hudson, Tyler Gilliard and Dominik Nekolny all rode, and myself and Todd Carter judged and picked one winner, which was Dez who literally just arrived maybe an hour and half before the event went down. It was amazing to see the atmosphere build as James announced the event and the riding level shot up a ton, hopefully there will be a full edit soon! As you can imagine, the McGraw household is packed with riders, one of those things that you don’t see. The vibe is similar to the Guru jam, good times ahead this weekend!
More and more riders are arriving by the hour, today the spot will be packed. Check back for updates!

Dub just published a really nice edit from the final battle at Real City Spin, heres what he had to say:
Featured in this battle is Frenchie Alex Jumelin and Quebecker Jason Plourde battling for the top spot at the Real City Spin 2014 which took place in Montreal, Quebec at TAZ Skatepark, our partners Konkrete, Amnesia, RD Style, GOPRO Cameras, IGI BMX, Fareast Cycles, Krusher BMX, Bluebird Internet Hosting, Club Voyages Repentigny, Hybition, Flatlandfuel, Fred Penner, Expressions Tattoo Vaudreuil, , Reklamation Bikes, 514 BMX.
Thanks to all our partners and everyone who showed up to help, watch and ride with us. for full results
Filmwork by Daniel Blogg, Tyler Gilliard.
Edit by @jwilliamp

If you didn’t know already, Battle in the Rockies was amazing! Dub’s video soaks up some of the Colorado vibes nicely, read on and hit play to see what went down, and also notice Dub won the contest, and didn’t include himself in his edit, this speaks volumes about the man!:
“Here is the IGI Flaternity edit, riders from all over the World converged on Colorado Springs to take part in Battle in the Rockies. We were all crashing at James McGraw’s house and Dez called it the Flaternity house, this edit is in the honor of all us riders jammin’ together and having a good time!
We tried to get as many runs as possible from as many riders, one run per rider featuring the likes of Thomas Noyer, Masashi Itani, Takuji Kasahara, Jason Plourde, Alex Jumelin, Benjamin Hudson, Chad Degroot, Dez Maarsen, Dominik Nekolny and Bobby Carter!”

Back Wheel riding that strikes a different note than the type of regularly see at contests, this is beautiful to watch! Great riding from Itani Masashi, Watanabe Naoki, Mtsumoto Takumi, and Kawamura Takuma, mmfilms did a great job on this edit! Don’t sleep on this!

Incredible straight line rolling skills and originality in this great new edit from Oliver Kallai, filmed at the infamous KTGM spot, Hungary. The nose manual line around the 00:52 mark stood out to me on the first watch, but there is so much more! Get to know the name Oliver Kallai!

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