The next Moto Sasaki?

Glo rider, Ryo, skills to pay the bills, at such a young age, Japan leads the way in young riders development.The future looks good!

6 thoughts on “The next Moto Sasaki?

  1. hes doing a swivel? im all for showing support. but cmon – "the next moto sasaki"? "skills to pay the bills" what bills? hes a kid!?

    hope he keeps riding and progressing and glad hes starting at a young age but really he has quite a long way to go still

  2. its a Vasquash bro not a swivel ask Andy Ruffell who ? haha ,anyway back to the topic he's young, very young,he's got balance,he's got control,he's has the ability whats to say he's not the next Moto Sasaki ,thats like saying the kid playing football with skill at such a young age is not the next Lionel Messi or Maradona who are we to say he's not ?? the future looks bright for flatland with young guys coming through and Japan are paving the way.

  3. Its just a headline, kids have their heroes, this kid is from japan, who is the most popular rider in japan right now? Moto?? If I was a kid doing a swivel, id be pumped. Being pumped enhances progression.The headline isnt to be taken so literally…

  4. if you do eat those words ,please don't spit them out ,swallow them with pride.

    it was a hypothetical heading not to be taken in the literal sense tdotflatland , ride on bro love ya man.

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